I’m a photographer, I make photographs because photographs tell stories.

I started this journey many years ago as a small child with undiagnosed dyslexia struggling to communicate ideas through the conventional academic channels.  I soon realised that through creativity and image making I could communicate ideas more effectively with a lot more people which really excited me. I pestered my parents to buying me a camera for a school trip which unleashed a creative force inside me that turned into a lifelong pursuit and passion that has taken me on a voyage through Art Collage and University.   Fast forward to today and I still feel as fresh, and enthusiastic about photography as ever and excited by the prospect of being a better photographer tomorrow than the one I am today.

Along the way I have utilised my multidisciplinary skill set to help tell the stories of many people and organisations which has made many of my childhood dreams come true.    I have worked on a variety projects and with many organisations from local businesses to Hollywood Blockbuster special effects.  I have also been published locally, nationally and internationally.

So if you have a story that needs to be told no matter how big or small. if you are looking for your photographer, then get in touch and let’s make it happen.