Lightroom Presets

There has been a long-standing question between for photographers since the advent of digital technologies. Do you shoot Film or Digital and which do you prefer? Well to be honest in my case, both and neither. Film and digital both have their place and ultimately are tools for our creativity, and I certainly do not see why the 2 technologies cannot be combined.

Each film had its own unique pallet of tones, some films were designed for a specific purpose while others were for more general use, but they all had their own individual essence built from the textures and nuances of the colours and grain.

I’ve created a film bundle of Lightroom presets to help you achieve the look of many classic film stocks. I must mention that these are not a one click wonder button to suddenly transform your entire image library into something that resembles Ektachrome. And neither do I believe that such a system exists contrary to what marketing would have you believe. These are more of a starting point for you to individually refine for the needs of each of your images.

These are my personal interpretation of some of my favourite film stocks that allow for the recreation of the emotion and the nostalgia that is film photography. If you want your images to look like you shot them on Ektachrome, the best advice I can give you is go out and buy some.
You can see examples of how these presets work here