SunPrints Classic Film Presets Bundle

I created a film bundle of lightroom presets to help you achieve the look of many classic film stocks. Featuring recreations of such classics such as Kodak Kodachrome, Fujifilm Provia, Velvia Agfa RSX and many more.

Each film had its own unique pallet of tones, some films were designed for a specific purpose while others were for more general use; but they all had their own individual essence built from the textures and nuances of the colours and grain.

My Lightroom presets are a starting point for you to refine for the needs of each of your images. You will need to adjust the exposure and conrast sliders to balance the image before lastly tweeking white balance to finish.

These are my personal interpretation of some of my favourite film stocks that allow for the recreation of the emotion and the nostalgia that is film photography.  If you would like to take a look at the results of these presets you can take a look
A T   T H I S   P A G E